1956 Chevy with Chrome

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There’s no question that 1955, 1956 in 1957 Chevrolet’s were among the most popular of all time.  There were 1.7 million of these cars (all models) made in 1955,  1.6 million in 1956, and 1.5 million in 1957.

There have been a lot of popular cars, however, but few have had the staying power of these models.  Today, they are still held in high esteem by collectors and hot rodders.

Emotional Attachments to the Tri-5

Which of the three-year models is the best?  A question like that will only start a fight.  Everyone likes this trio of Chevys for their looks, but many people have an emotional attachment to one year or the other.  Each model seems to stir up pleasant memories of some kind.

Joe Bailey and his son Josh, professional car guys in the video, work for Bobby Alloway by day, built this 1956 black beauty at home on evenings and weekends. You can see that this father and son team spared no effort in the details.  Their craftsmanship shows everywhere.

The front end is stock, except they made the decision to shave the bird off then taper the hood.  Not many people would willingly do that because that Chevy bird is so iconic, but the fact that it is absent on this car is not a problem.  Removing the bird seems to eliminate the boxy look and give it a smoother, sleeker upfront look. And notice how Josh has got the alignments right, and how he cared enough to weld pieces on the back of the normally hollow bumper guards and chrome them.

Not Your Stock 265  V-8

The 1956 Chevy came with either a 235 cubic inch straight 6 (140 HP),  or a 265 cubic inch V-8. The HP rating for the 265 ranged from 162 HP to 225 HP depending on the carburation and other factors.

The video car is powered by a 454 crate engine hooked to a Richmond Super T-10 4-speed. Of course, it’s not a stock crate engine, but has had an improved cam and rings installed, plus other tweaks to make to run stronger and cooler.

Chrome Everywhere

Don’t miss the chrome under the hood. In fact, stick around for the end of ScottieD’s video and see the car on the rack. It’s like a hall of mirrors under there with all that chrome.

It doesn’t seem like any detail on this car has been overlooked. From the engine compartment to the interior, from the trunk to the undercarriage, this car shows a lot of love.

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