Double Trouble ’27 Model T Ford

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You might have first seen this car on the “Counting Cars” TV show where we see how Danny “The Count” Koker runs Count’s Kustoms in Las Vegas. Gordon Tronson, the owner of Double Trouble, blew Danny’s mind with the car in the 2012 show called, “Buggin’ Out.”

In a subsequent show, Gordon stopped by the shop to let Danny see the car after quad blowers had been installed.

Transplanted Tall Poppy Kiwi

Double trouble 1927 FordGordon Tronson is a tall poppy New Zealander transplanted to the Nevada desert. As a kid, American cars were beyond his reach, but he seems to have tried to compensate for that by acquiring a wide range of rusting metal. The 1927 Double Trouble Ford is a far cry from the rest of the cars we see in his yard, however. It is a unique fantasy car that captures the imagination of all hot rod fans.

The double trouble in this car is two aluminum Ford 4.6L DOHC V8s mounted side-by-side. Each originally had a B&M Teflon Supercharger, but Tronson later doubled down on that, and it now sports four superchargers, and the combination is said to generate nearly 1,200 hp.

Beefing Up the T

Of course, there was no Model T ever made that could support that much horsepower, so Tronson hand-crafted a frame of 1.5-inch moly tubing. With engines in place, Tronson hooked it up to a Ford C5 transmission and a rear-end from an early Jaguar.

The car rolls on Billet Specialties wheels and Mickey Thompson tires.

Most people would expect some kind of freak of nature when a car is built this way, especially with side-by-side engines.  But just the opposite is true. The Model T is a little top-heavy like you would expect from a good-looking woman, but there is visual balance with the judicious use of chrome and a beautiful blue fleck paint job.

Looks Good and Sends a Tremor Through You

You really have to watch the Big Muscle video to really appreciate this car. Not only is the Double Trouble Model T visually interesting, but the sound of this car will send an uplifting tremor of joy through you.


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